Chinese Stereotypes

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Our heads are clogged with different ideas about each aspect of life. Some ideas disappear; some of them stay … More

Chinese Difficulties

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Chinese Difficulties My life in China went its own way. After my work I would go home to prepare … More

My first lesson in China

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) I was finally allowed to start teaching. The first lesson. Finally! Because from boredom I had already finished reading … More


(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Training Course The first working day smoothly turned into the second, then into the third. My first working week … More


(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Everything would be organized in the shortest possible time On the first day I, as we agreed, I attentively … More

Training course

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) My Property When you come to my property, you get to a corridor which smoothly flows into my living … More

… and I was alone

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Chinese Course Books 20 minutes were enough to look thought all the course books. Course books are like usual … More

… the Australian

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) The first meeting 鈥..the tiny Chinese girl with a braid ran towards me 鈥 Tina. We met each other … More

How to get some troubles

(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) They had to, but weren’t obliged at all! I tell about meeting me. While I was in Russia, with … More


(馃憞聽袪校小小袣袠袡聽馃憞) Open your eyes! After the successful private lessons I really couldn’t understand why it wasn鈥檛 the same with these … More